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Learn about the #1 Poker League in America
World Tavern Poker (WTP) is the largest bar free poker league in the United States. All tournaments/games played are No Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker. Each tournament begins with ten to hundreds of participants, and the winner is the last player with chips.

Each regular season consists of 26 weeks of tournaments played at all the venues. During week 25 of each season, a Tavern Championship is held, with the winner becoming Tavern Champion for the venue for that season. Venues hold a Tournament of Champions (TOC) tournament during Week 26. This TOC championship includes the first, second, and third place finishers from any tournament from the regular season. Taverns can sign up at any point in the season and still qualify players for the Regional and National Championships.

National Championships
The National Championships are played twice each year. Season 1 (February through August) National Championship is played each Fall in Las Vegas. Season 2 (August through February) National Championships are played in the Spring/early Summer on the east coast.

World Tavern Poker offers prizes on many levels. While it is up to the individual bars to provide nightly prizes for their tournament winners, World Tavern Poker provides plaques, trophies, 40 World Series of Poker Seats, and thousands of dollars in cash each year to participants in the National Championship events.